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Life After Napster - the Motley Fool's take on bad choices by the music industry

jillzilla: Best part is when they point out that companies were profiting from Napster while fighting it - AOL by selling broadband, and Sony by selling mp3 players.


Miss North Carolina fight



coderman: Good reading for those who want a secure wifi network


coderman: The weirdest cartoon series I have seen in a while.
coderman: Is that a fucking mongoose with a white buttom down shirt and a thong?

Using open APs to send spam

coderman: This has been going on for a while, and actually works pretty well for the spammers.

Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech (state of the union)

Plan to track foreigners hits snag - Change of Address cards overwhelm

jillzilla: Be careful what you ask for; you might receive it

Anonymous $1m grant to test copyright laws

NBI: Anonymous $1m grant to test copyright laws
GabeW: to Duke law school


rik: "OpenVPN's usage of HMAC is to first encrypt a packet, then HMAC the resulting ciphertext."
rik: OpenVPN's usage of HMAC is to allow people to decrypt packets from someone else's tunnel, and provide no integrity checking at all.



coderman: Updated packet counts (had a bug in the code)


Good morning, San Francisco

'Predators of Digital Freedoms'

kherr: Mainstream article about how the "war on terrorism" is being used as an excuse to control the internet.



kherr: Check out the UPS price, one shiny penny. A UPS for every machine!


kherr: Mac OS X easter egg



I humbly request the wisdom of Machiavelli. What is life?


Defending a plurality of software practice(s)

wmf: lol: "...the life standard of the programmer, his (mostly corrupt) mental and health conditions..."

Penguin Breeding at Gnomedex

wmf: <doc> I like boobies
kherr: wtf is gnomedex? I went to their website and still can't figure it out
wmf: it's a conference
kherr: <AccordionGuy> something vaguely related to the LockerGnome mailing list
coderman: He should have waited. I am sure her next setence would have been. "I hear he is cute. I'd love to FUCK HIS BRAINS OUT"
coderman: Add your cards here!

Senator pulls support for copyright bill

kherr: The change from criminalizing counterfeit "physical features" to "any feature" is causing cold feet.


nym: CDPD Roaming net access from VeriSuck

80211Planet - Tutorials: EIRP Limitations for 802.11 WLANs

coderman: I am reminded of an old saying: "Tis' easier to beg forgiveness than to seek permission..." :-)


coderman: What is isotropic (with regards to wireless stuff)
GabeW: isotropic - radiates the same energy in all directions (3D)
coderman: In a nutshell: isotropic == the base unit of measure for an electromagnetic radiating device (antenna) used to compare gain of real world antennas and amplifiers
coderman: well, more like a base unit of RF transmission



coderman: This looks a bit closer to what I need. and in american dollarz
Taral: Freaking slow site.


coderman: Someone wants to buy me one of these right?


coderman: Man, the youth of today are fucking clueless
coderman: And enjoying every minute of it too I am sure.. </jealousy>
rik: The one-line conclusion - Next year, let's not reclaim the streets -- let's reclaim the Board of Education and occupy the building until kids aren't as thick.
deltab: Today's entry: 'Discussion on my "Reclaim the Streets piece"'

Patient catches HIV twice

FAQ on XNS (on wiki.xns.org)

Extensible Naming Service (which is a misnomer)


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