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...does the modem love listening to the irby noises? || <coderman> visit my magic anus site @ http://porn-homepage.info || be careful where you type

Germans not allowed to name child Osama bin Laden

"Your Name in MGS2 SUBSTANCE!" (Dog Tag Names) Campaign

deltab: have your name etc. on an enemy soldier in Metal Gear Solid


coderman: Heh, they only found 474 AP's
coderman: across multiple cities even. I wonder if any of them had good antennas
coderman: Maybe I should add my results from portland (http://cubicmetercrystal.com/wifi/) to boost their total to 1655

CNN.com - Parents look to microchip children

Ash: Kidnapper solution: Chop kidnap-ees arms off

Corkscrew, a tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies

Ash: deltab rules



Airwave camouflage to stop drive-by hacking

coderman: I cannot believe this makes news. What the fuck?
coderman: It only sends beacons with different MAC id's. Ignore beacons, and watch data packets. problem solved. Maybe they think the only threat is from clueless NetStubler users.
coderman: they also do not mention that such an AP hopping MAC ID's like that is a fucking paper weight. No sendign or receiving data through it!
Ash: clueless netstumbler users are so cool
nym: the only application i can see is spamming netstumblers with SSIDs

freshmeat.net: Screenshot of Asuka theme

open source - Internetnews.com - Webopedia.com

deltab: See how many errors you can find!

A Hacker's Introduction to Partial Evaluation

Aimster changes name, adds fee service - Tech News - CNET.com

coderman: I wonder if Johnny Deep is still whoring out pictures of his daughter in the Member's Only section.
coderman: Personally I don't think the "whoring your daughter" business model is capable of sustaining long term growth

A bit of humor to break the seriousness.

Leonard Zubkoff (lnz), CTO of VA passed away this month in a helicopter crash

dtm: \ http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=39300&cid=4198651 <-- dtm's commentary on remembering lnz


kuro5hin.org || Canadian Senate committee recommends legalizing pot

burtonator: Legalized pot in Canada!
burtonator: me thinks a lot of politics from the US may happen!

Word on the Street fair in Toronto

The Rack

George Soros on professionality in the financial markets

A Critique of the EFF's Open Audio License

wmf: waah, I hate open source, even for music

The Ultimate Ride

nym: Durable, runs on batteries, and vibrates. Good for your fantasies!

Southern Cali Wireless Users Group

nym: Videos of all the meetings avaliable on this site
nym: RealPlayer sucks though.

a mailing list for blind coders

Ash-w: just think of all the money you save on monitors.

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