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...does the modem love listening to the irby noises? || <coderman> visit my magic anus site @ http://porn-homepage.info/


Objective CAML

Taral: Simply one of the best languages ever to exist.

A Nation of Thieves

Ash: use s/2/to/ and s/u/you/ and s/b4/before/ and s/xpense/expense/ and s/r/are/ and friends to read this without killing self
deltab: and yet the author uses "naīve"


All electronic gaming illegal in Greece. Yes, sol.exe too.

rik: <politician> Which games are poker, and which aren't? <world> do you not mean 'which is my arse and which is my elbow?'
rik: faster mirror: http://rikrose.net/greece/lawenglish.txt

Foreskin demonstration.


comparison of open source RDBMSs



DragonFax: Mr Weasel

Letter from ICANN to Verisign about breach of registrar agreement

kherr: ICANN talking smack to Verisign, threatening to yank .com from them
kherr: They have 15 days to comply
Loki: I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.




drue: Napster was here.

Gateway: Picking Fights It Just Might Lose

kherr: Say g'bye to Gateway, they're losing on price to Dell and losing on cool to Apple
Ash-w: Since when was gateway cool? they suck!
Ash-w: <gateway> mooooooooooooooo!

the Atari-inspired music video. a perpetual classic.

kherr: Here's the original site, with a bigger version: http://www.goldenshower.gs/e/vejaoclipe.html

Billy Eno figured out how to make 525 horizontal lines (instead of standard 262) on the Atari 2600

burtonator: How many Zen masters does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. The Universe spins the bulb, and the Zen master stays out of the way.


coderman: If we want to discuss theoretical possibilities, the yellowstone super volcanic eruption is my favorite.
deltab: "ten's or hundred's of thousand's of years" - ugh
coderman: I.e. the end of the world as we know it.. (i feel fine...)


wmf: a somewhat less pretentious spin


wmf: welcome to the Matrix
Mutiny: Proof that philosophers should just shut the fuck up and stick to philosophy and stay away from technology and especially pseudomath.
coderman: "we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation" - ah yes, almost certainly. I am almost certainly a posthuman with simulation-fu. And I am almost certainly running on a non-turing computer called "Teh uNiVerRs3". Thank you, Thank you </applause>
coderman: (P.S. If anyone can tell me how to make a living doing this shit, please write...)


wmf: if we all fill out fake whois info, VeriSign gets killed

Ash kicking with Apple technology

wmf: look Ash, you're famous!
wmf: wait, wrong Ash


wmf: I want to put up one of these with a 200mW card across the street from coderman
Mutiny: I bet this little bitch can crash poorly written scanning software.

Why FBI Computer Force Ain't Fat

wmf: "One question on the application asked if you'd smoked pot more than 15 times," Sweeny recalled. "Fifteen times? What's up with that? Fifteen is the magic number?"
wmf: there's hope for infoAnarchists yet


Linux IS for Bitches!

jillzilla: And here I was, sitting here wondering "who exactly is Linux for?"
Ash-w: <jillzilla> then I saw this website and realized.. IT'S FOR ME!

In a Google search of five keywords or phrases representing the top five news stories of 2007, weblogs will rank higher than the New York Times' Web site. Yes or no?

jillzilla: Dave Winer speaks for the bloggers.
jillzilla: I'm not impressed by his arguments.
Ash-w: Dave Winer loves Winerlog! http://winerlog.inspiredsites.net/
Ash-w: Give me a fucking break, btw. Do you really want Dave Winer listed as an authoritative news source simply because he sits around on his fat ass and posts to a blog all day?
Ash-w: Throw me a frickin' bone here!
jillzilla: Dave Winer is reading a different New York Times than I am. The one I read has had some very well-written stories on a reasonable array of technical topics.
Ash-w: <Mutiny> rename "chump" "ash-spam"
jillzilla: Sorry, Dave, but being opinionated doesn't automatically mean you've done actual research.



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