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...does the modem love listening to the irby noises?


DragonFax: Talk about mass stupidity.
DragonFax: In order to spearhead gambling problems, Greece has passed a law banning electronic gaming of any kind. ANY KIND! You get arrested for carrying a gameboy, fine for playing online chess in an internet cafe or at home.

Hacker culture growing in Ghana

GabeW: Hacker culture growing in Ghana
GabeW: But they have problems with roads, electricity, water...
Ash-w: Ghana, for all your f4k3 h4X0r needs


UTA Trip Planner

Loki: Despite what the denizens of IRC would have you believe, UTA does not necessarily stand for "Up The Ass".

My review of Halo

CBS News | Families Stunned By Body Swap

Loki: AHAHHAHAH I can't wait for this to be a CBS Weekend Movie.

CBS News | Landlord Wants $27K From 9/11 Victim


DragonFax: Hilarious, especially if you've ever worked in retail, mall stores, or gaming

hints and codes for Super Mario Bros for NES

Interactive Digital Software Association's "top ten facts about the gaming industry"

Loki: Sorry GabeW, it's not 4 billion as I mentioned a while back -- video games are a $6.35 billion industry.




GabeW: of course, by the time you look at it, the big red square won't be there
lemonodor: it will be a big blue or yellow square


dtm: \ "To our knowledge, OpenVPN is the only open source VPN product to fully support the OpenSSL PKI (public key infrastructure) for session authentication, the TLS protocol for key exchange, the OpenSSL cipher-independent EVP interface for encrypting tunnel data, the HMAC algorithm for authenticating tunnel data, and to multiplex this all over a single UDP port.
dtm: \ it's a portable, highly configurable, NATable, responsive, least-privilege-based, auto-adaptively-compressing, userspace vpn



look: what a sweet URL


wmf: "What good is a PARALLEL PORT?!?"

Java Sucks

burtonator: 1+1=2
look: Hey, I like Java pretty well
kherr: jwz seems to have written this without enough experience using Java
wmf: keep in mind most of this stuff is 1997 era
look: Though he does have some recent additions

O'Reilly Network: How to Write Like a Pundit


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