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Raytheon's uber communication SUV

GabeW: satellite, cell, 802.11, globalstart phone, trunk radio,
GabeW: so we just need to have someone buy a couple of these and park them on high hills and we've got instant network infrastructure!
Lan_Rover: All for the low low price of 3.5e^16 dollars!
GabeW: Hey, its probably your tax dollars at work!
GabeW: I want mine lowered and with flames painted on the side
GabeW: and with 16 switches!

Save California SB 773 - Financial privacy act


burtonator: A Gnome/Mozilla Skin job in SF?


Fear of a Black Hat


burtonator: example of RSS migration to mod_content which fixes most of the current problems, allows people to support encoded content, and real content at the same time.
stevej: an example of how to spend 30% of your cpu time in generating a supposedly simple document.
Ash: xml < *

Lisp and elements of style




Warchalking t-shirt


burtonator: Don't buy netgear!
look: Oh no! I just bought from NetGear
look: At least it works, eh
look: wireless 0wnz

WirelessDriver Brings 3rd Party 802.11b Support to Jaguar

kherr: Open source prism/prism2 support for Mac OS X 10.2

German firm alleges Forgent "JPEG" claims invalid

RoamAD unveils wide-area 802.11b

kherr: An 802.11b "mesh" supposedly blankets hundreds of square kilometers
kherr: But throughput is dropped to maximum of 330Kbps


rik: James Bond, here we come
rik: \Casio watch, with colour camera and screen

coder log: The whole picture

coderman: This is enough work to keep me coding for the next 15 years. Anyone want to help? :-)))


language identification

bram: \ it can't handle 'dvorak layout obliterates competitor qwerty'
bram: it figures out my resume okay though

The Rosetta Stone -- a cross-language site for "ghetto languages"

AccordionGuy: /Well, it covers Python too.

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