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World Bank Research - World Development Report 2003

A little piece of Caryn's mind (very little)


deltab: kerning!


Ford Testifies to Stop Ride Sharing

kherr: Apparently following RIAA's approach, the car makers are now lobbying Congress to eliminate incentives for carpooling.
burtonator: is that a joke?

Stars 'Trek' In To Help Ohio Race

The Pledge (2001)

Yahoo! News - Remains Found on Ore. Suspect's Land


DragonFax: Lame-ass url bot thats not very well written and doesn't keep urls very long... Whats the poing?!
DragonFax: Poing I tell you POING!!!

WHY YOU MUST SUBMIT TO USER FRIENDLY (oh, and buy advertising with em)

nym: [our readers are] smart. They don't respond to regular marketing.
kherr: Pretty disgusting how calculating and crass that is.
kherr: Less-commercialized geek humor at http://www.inktank.com/AT
Ash: http://www.somethingawful.com/jeffk/computarfunnys/index.htm - SINCE Usar Friendley can makes teh big moneys makeing there funny Lunix comics, I am makeing my own too becuase I want moneys and I am more l33t than that fagot Illyaed.. MINE ARE FUNNIER THAN HIS TO so read tehm. if yuo are a vary large companeny and want to use my comics that si okey but yuo haev to pay me first, I will endorse whatevar yuo want as long as its not Unreale To


kherr: Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) Java release notes

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