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coderman: Patents stunting linux kernel progress
coderman: "If somebody sues you, you change the algorithm or you just hire a hit-man to whack the stupid git."
coderman: Coderman says always pursue the latter first.
GabeW: I'm glad Linus doesn't give legal advice as his day job!

BT loses hyperlink patent case against Prodigy



coderman: I may have to pretend to be a reseller to get this (another good reason to have a corp)

High gain wifi antennas

coderman: A friend and I mounted a yagi on a parabolic antenna and got a peak gain of +27dB
coderman: The Yagi, with the parabolic barely visible in the background
coderman: The Yagi, with the parabolic barely visible in the background -^

The breakfast of champions

coderman: The new Wheaties?


coderman: between threads. GOTO ARCH

Where is the chump archive?

coderman: label ARCH: It is too bad that you cannot link entires


coderman: My home town! FUCK BUSH
icepick-work: Were are the the video tapes from the protests?
icepick-work: that's the app we need to write: "what really happened" video archive
coderman: The government has deemed unbiased, open reporting a crime under the PATRIOT ACT. No more indie videos of protests and other vital civil matters
icepick-work: do you have any refs on that
icepick-work: that is why we need a p2p way of doing it
coderman: No, alas such references have become illegal themselves.. ;-)

Tara Grubb For Congress Radio Weblog

icepick-work: I'm reading Tara Sue Grub's weblog and I'm thinking we need a new policitcal party in the US
icepick-work: we'll call it the Renaissance Party
icepick-work: it will be about looking at the constitution and finding where we've devated from it in bad ways
icepick-work: like copyright
icepick-work: it will also be about looking at new technology and making our gov't use it to better surive it's citizens
icepick-work: we will advocate transparency in gov't
icepick-work: it wil also be about getting a spell checker in my irc client
icepick-work: Tara Grubb

Geek crap. Ignore.


Totally Hot Chick Also Way Psycho

DJ Clawson's UNDERDOG Home Page!

War game was fixed to ensure American victory, claims general

burtonator_: It would be REALLY fun to fight against the US as the underdog!
Ash: Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog- it's just little ol' me, UNDERDOG!


coderlog: Sharing playlists

coderman: An entry musing about comparing playlists, and using playlists as a whole to discover new music (instead of song by song)


coderman: Decentralization thread about sharing playlists and using peer networks to automagically download songs

Magnet-URI project goes public.

Judo Radio: P2P-Leveraged Webcasting

Ashes turned into diamonds

coderman: This is fucking cool! I want to be a diamond that lasts forever when I die...
Ash: woo hoo, i'm a diamond

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