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The woes of Authenticode, with pretty pictures


coderman: Using KaZaa? Uncle sams wants to VANQUISH YOUR ANAL SOVEREIGNTY in a large FEDERAL PENN.

Spock blesses Bilbo with a bouncing ballad






MIME Type Detection in Internet Explorer

deltab: describes how IE prefers its own heuristics over metadata given explicitly by the server




The original proposal to fair use in a drm system


GabeW: \ Request to OASIS Digital Rights management effort to include fair use as a requirement



drue: If you're going to Disney World soon, don't look at this link until after you get back.


wmf: rowr

Open Source Development with CVS

Information Wave moves to block RIAA from its network



Start the RIAA network blackout!

Starbuck's mysterious "Phase two"

Unix - corrected to be Politically Correct

Ash-w: People who have too much time on their hands #22

One of the main OPN replacements

Linus Torvalds auctions his daughters on eBay to pay lilo's IRC ransom! Keep lilo on IRC .... always!

dtm: \ I have to know what Rob Levin's wife thinks about all this. Not the least of which is the fact that he's destroyed any hope of himself ever getting hired, either by rejecting all jobs that didn't allow him to irc 50% of the time, by rejecting all plans to make OPN into a self funding service, or by becoming known as a flaming weirdo.
dtm: \ lilo refuses all business advice, and will not even apply for EDD, welfare, or any social services even to help his child. Only IRC.


dtm: \ I hate, love, and fear this page
dtm: \ ... although I love it slightly more than I hate or fear it.
nym: i think it symbolizes the level of annoyance lilo has made via OPN
nym: on a brighter note, maybe wallops is gone now
nym: or at least fundraising wallops



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