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Nym's Gargolye and Information Gathering page

Hacking Las Vegas

coderman: Coderman goes to vegas
Ash: This is a great article!

SquirrelMail homepage

C64 game music from Dolphin's Rune, 1987

dtm: \ Designed and published by John O'Neill of Admcadiam, http://humanbeinghuman.com

Master Brew for the Master Race

fuck yea.

sayke: i wonder what would happen if you literally had to fill up your gas tank with the bones of killed and raped people in order to make your car run"

Blindness, check



burtonator: Verizon wireless IP but $70 cheaper
burtonator: ... and works under Linux


Germany: deep linking lunacy continues

kherr: Germany tries to change laws to acknowledge legal deep-linking, misses the mark.


deltab: An example of a URL containing a username and password


dtm: \ The Star Trek Experience, including Quicktime movies and Quicktime VR movies



kherr: macboy Dad vs. AOL flash animation

GabeW's wierd friend from high school is at it again

GabeW: Jonathon Keats wants Berkeley to legally acknowledge Aristotle's law, commonly expressed as A=A.
GabeW: GabeW means wierd in a good way!
Loki: Makes you wonder what the point of legislation is. Since a law is, after all, a law.


coderman: Mwahahaha! I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (right after I finish this catnip ...)
coderman: Do not stare too long into the bright laser mind control eyes



Loki: At least our government fraud is hidden.


Xirzon: " Glasberg said authorities leaked to the Washington affiliate of ABC News the draft of a novel on bioterrorism contained on the hard drive of Hatfill's computer that the FBI seized."
Xirzon: I want a copy of that novel


Stephen Hawking Pro Wheelchair 2

Free Thinking Guinea-Pig Manifesto

Elvis. In Toast.


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