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Oh my god! That pervert is drinking my piss!

Morbus: http://www.somethingawful.com/hentai/xchange/MIAcock.jpg

/usr/bin/perl - episode 1

Morbus: Paul: And who will save me from the hit-men that Joel Sposlky is going to send to kill me?
Morbus: Linus [waits a little]: Isn't there something you want to ask me or say to me? The patch penguin fiasco? BitKeeper? The Dave Jones Tree?
Morbus: Tony: Actually, there is one. [Turns to Linus] You're disturbing me.

Closed Gnutella System to Prevent Bandwidth Hogs

coderman: Gnutella is the future of the internet (<coderman> god I hope not!)

MD5 in 8 lines of perl




New Method Said to Solve Key Problem in Math



burtonator: Man ends up with barnacle stuck to his penis


burtonator: Help the EFF fight the evil RIAA

Also see alt.conspiracy

WorldCom finds more errors in earnings numbers

Tschechow: WorldCom Inc. said Thursday it discovered an additional $3.3 billion in improperly reported earnings, on top of the $3.8 billion it disclosed in June


Free wireless at Schlotzsky's

kherr: Schlotzsky's is offering free 802.11b in a 1-mile radius


GabeW: Qadaffi chooses sides?



burtonator: Jason Hunter's website

Putting the Fun in funleaded

Writing exploits for fun and profit

Microsoft refuses to make DMCA claim against Xbox researcher

Bad Code

Meet Country X

Loki: Country X looks a lot like Iran.

Everyone move to Nevada and vote to legalise pot!

Sprint Unveils Mobile Internet, Spurring Market


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