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Loki: IM/P2P FUD


Playstation 3 chip nears completion

coderman: Playstation 3 to come with a teraflop processor! (/. says: IMAGINE TEH BEOWULD CLUSTERZ OF DEEZ!")

When neighbors attack!




coderman: coderman tries to cook brain
coderman: coderman tries to cook his brain



coderman: Vaporware? or VAPORWARE!
coderman: This will be cool once it is done.
Loki: So will Mozilla 1.0, and Neverwinter Nights, and... Oh.
coderman: and.. alpine? JUST SAY IT YOU BASTARD!


Ph33r and Loathing in Las Vegas

burtonator: Ph33r and Loathing in Las Vegas
burtonator: My DefCon trip and photos...


burtonator: pictures from SF and the P2P hackers lunch


GabeW: Moffet is a damn federal airfield and not military!
jillzilla: Tell em Gabe!
jillzilla: Nobody tell Gabe about the military aircraft that uses Moffet.
jillzilla: Like, all the time.
GabeW: Hey, they use it, they just don't own it !!
GabeW: I guess planes don't own do they?
jillzilla: Some of these planes are pretty cool. As far as I'm concerned, they 0wn.
Loki: No planes pwn.
GabeW: We're abusing the poort little chump now, aren't we?!?
Loki: So what if we are?
jillzilla: We're giving the chump good lovin'.
GabeW: Uh, i guess this could be a form of poor man's blogging
jillzilla: Quick, someone put some links in a comment.
GabeW: Moffett has two t's and two f's
jillzilla: oops
GabeW: See http://www.moffettfieldmuseum.org/
jillzilla: I can't be held responsible. I only ride my bike by it every day.
GabeW: This is getting stupid - I'm outta here


coderman: Weird flying triangles might be classified government transports. OR ALIENS. Flight information from a variety of air force bases correlates to weird flying triangle sightings. DAMN ALIENS


coderman: Anyone have some ketchup? This is a little dry...


coderman: CodeCon '03 RFP is out! Time to PIMP THAT SOURCE CODE BABY!

DirectWay Satellite


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