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nym: Solarbotics, a BEAM robotics source

Internet Mail 2000

Bruce Sterling: A Contrarian View of Open Source

wmf: "Why don't they just" code-up something-or-other. Whenever I hear that, frankly, I just want to slap the living shit out of those people.

Sterling and [Cory], debating spam

Haddock.org: Results for 'picture'

Peer Frogs -- Avoiding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

MPlayer - The Project from Hell

Xirzon: It's not quite as bad, but mplayer is annoying


nym: QuickTime Movie Explaining what "TechNomads" are

BARNEY GREINKE: Cold War Tourist

coderman: My next vacation trip.



nym: I will REMOVE the fucking toilet seat if you don't shut up

We love DRM!

coderman: As an info anarchian, I rely on QUALITY MICROSOFT SOFTWARE to ensure my freedoms!
Ash: Microsoft Software is truly Where You Want To Go with P2P Today.


Xirzon: Ignore that propaganda article
nym: germans demand censorship of toilet article
coderman: Rumor says american man fataly injured by high velocity projectile stool while flushing german toilet
Ash: 95% of german population shown to be hypochondriacs
Xirzon: zis is jewish lies, all of it!!
Ash: When you use a german toilet, you're CRAPPING WITH HITLER!
nym: eww.. 'Repeated flushings are required to slide the ordure off the shelf into a small water-filled hole'
Ash: <Xirzon> Mmmmm.. Small Water filled hole... drool
Xirzon: German toilets are the most reliable and clean in the whole wide world. Germany is famous for its toilets. Do not believe the lies of the infidels!
nym: Xirzon agrees that 'Germans love to examine their stool'
coderman: German toilets powered by WinCE
Ash: German Toilets invade Poland - story at 11
Xirzon: US toilet users admit - splashing occurs regularly and frequently
nym: i want water shot at my ass
Ash: Splashy toilets == MORE FUN!
Xirzon: 'US toilet users are sick bastards, new study finds'
nym: study fuunded by the german censorship board
nym: and Xirzon fearing invasion by US goverment
nym: Facing the threat of war by the Bush Administration, Xirzon on Thursday invited the chief UN weapons inspector to Baghdad for tea and crumpets, saying it could lead to a return of the feces inspections. However, the InfoAnarchy offer was tricky on the point of 'practical issues' concerning the inspectors' facilities and movement within. The question remains, is Xirzon simply delaying the inevitable or do the prospects for a diplomatic res
Xirzon: I will definitely write a long defense of German toilets, completely with statistics and quotes from experts, as well as anecdotal evidence that US toilet users are statistically more likely to be coprophiles
nym: Germany has issues with poo and pee

Background on Futurist Programming

Ash-w: You go, Umberto!

Futurist Programmer's Manifesto

Ash-w: "We are nauseated by the despicable sloth that, ever since the 1970's, has let our programmers survive only through an incessant reprogramming of the glories of the past."

Defcon: Va-Va-Va Voom, Las Vegas

DragonFax: scene whors.


Xirzon: the currency for all of us


Xirzon: Start using time dollars now or you'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes!


coderman: Last one, or else Xirzon said he would K-line my ass
nym: i'd like to see coderman get k-l1n3d by Xirzon


nym: jap animation is neat

Anime: A Primer (Culture)

Xirzon: Warning!!! This link contains information about anime!


nym: coderman's stash
nym: holy shyt that's sticky lookin'!
coderman: The breakfast of champions!


nym: note the references to kush under this thread

Wes should like that one


Xirzon's photo album

Xirzon: fresh from delta's basement

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

mmmm. jaaaaam

CLAIM - AIM chatbots in lisp


mnet- for w32

Traffic Shaping screenshot

Optimized Hosting services: proxying


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