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Patriot at Defcon

Defcon Notes - Net Cash


The Divorce Store

The Divorce Store

The Divorce Store

Optimized Hosting services: proxying

Navy Fact File: Phalanx Close-In Weapons System

Fred von Lohmann shreds WiFi FUD

Look: WiFi nodes not liable for hacks from their network?
coderman: Magic 8Ball says "Maybe"
wmf: Let's differentiate between copyright infringement and hax0ring
Look: Hey, if I get sued, will von Lohmann represent me?
coderman: <federal_judge> f00k j00 h4x0r
Look: <g3n.Ascr0ft> I 0wn j00!!!11!


Look: my friends and I talked about how cool this would be after we set up a 3-laptop ad hoc wireless lan during a road trip

Ebay: Donkey Punch

eBay: Paper with the word arse written on

LCD4041: Serial Character LCD - 40 characters x 4 lines

nym: 40x4 lcd display i'm checking out
nym: price 118.80. For a wide voltage with efficent power supply it's 133.80. For the Blue EL backlight one it's 138.80. All prices USD.

LCDproc - linux LCD display driver

nym: LCDproc's web site. Cool shyt for those interested in making their own rackmount display for vitals, custom mods for your towers, or dirt cheap displays for wearable/technomad freaks like myself.
nym: i'd like to have one on my arm as a console/vitals and one on my back for ascii animations



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