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http://www.peerfear.org/chump/ || Ash's wife's ultrasound photos... http://veronica.editthispage.com/ || 12:00 < AccordionGuy_AFK> I found rotten.com to be a great cure for curiosity.

People who should not allowed to reproduce #2

Taral: \Warning: this page is full of @#($.
Ash-w: \Well, obviously. Thus the reason he should not be allowed to reproduce. :-)
Taral: \No, the people who shouldn't be allowed to reproduce are his customers.
Ash-w: \Bwahaha





burtonator: Object C PDF


BitTorrent, finalmente un peer-to-peer veloce?


burtonator: chump RSS output
Ash-w: \RSS 0.9x SUCKS ASS
burtonator: This is RSS 1.0


AccordionGuy: What's the difference between a web designer and a large pizza?


Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization: A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors

GabeW: Technical Writing guide from NASA

August 22nd EFF Benefit Party at the DNA Lounge

A Bill declaring war on media-giant exploitation

Pay up, or you're blocked: Indian ISPs tell US megasites


burtonator: my mirror of the Tru64 su hack.
burtonator: I am going to be DMCA violated!


burtonator: The source code to crack a Tru64 machine
Ash-w: \HAXOR TEH GIBSAN!@%$!1 K THX!@

Security warning draws DMCA threat

burtonator: Invoking both the controversial 1998 DMCA and computer crime laws, HP has threatened to sue a team of researchers who publicized a vulnerability in the company's Tru64 Unix operating system.


burtonator: URL for the Ellen Fiess parody


nym: Ani Moller's Ellen Feiss Apple Switch Ad Parody

Security warning draws DMCA threat

burtonator: HP threatens to bitch slap True64 bug reporter with the DMCA

Kinesis contoured keyboards

Ash-w: \RULE

Final Meal Requests

Loki: Perhaps there's a statistical link between eating chicken and murder?


nym: Baby Smasher Photo
AccordionGuy: A large pizza can feed a family of 4.

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