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Historian Alfred W. McCoy on how the principal of medical ethics was stumbled upon by psych researcher Henry K. Beecher

saskwatch: If I was being funny, I'd say there are jokes. There are no jokes, but reality is absurd.
saskwatch: This may be the most important video ever made.
saskwatch: If you only watch one video, watch this one.
saskwatch: edited version with better sound but distracting video panning
saskwatch: other of his talks eg based on his groundbreaking historical research and books, are interesting, too
saskwatch: It's easy to mistake the problem being defined. It's not a question of 'will this intrude on my life', the way the people under examination work, they already have, and chances are you didn't notice.
saskwatch: Is that how democracy should be preserved?

Science without Validation in a World without Meaning

saskwatch: "nature is not understandable in terms of ordinary physical concepts and is, therefore, absurd" ... perhaps this is the result because the scientific enquiries made are absurd? monkey brains? really?

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