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last updated at 2014-04-17 14:19

Prime minister David Cameron criticises some non-believers for failing to see that faith can give people a 'moral code'

rik: In other news, the only thing stopping prime minister David Cameron from being an evil anti-social cunt, is the belief in an afterlife that he will spend in eternal torment, whereas for the non-believers, the only the stopping us is that it's the wrong thing to do.
seti: and we're supposed to respect him for that why exactly..?

[UK] Lamb curries and kebabs 'often another meat'

Oliber: "The FSA said 25 of the samples were found to contain only beef, which is cheaper than lamb. Chicken and turkey were also found, but no samples contained horsemeat." - no horse, i am disappoint
Oliber: "The Elliott Review recommended the setting up of food crime unit" - FOR CRIMES AGAINST FOOD

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